Here at BreakwaterEvents we are fortunate to have Ms. Cynthia Sieloff to assist you from the planning stages straight through to the execution of your event.  Ms. Sieloff has been an event planner for over 15 years and has personally shouldered the responsibility for the successful execution of many events running the full gamete from complicated time sensitive Weddings to easy flowing Birthday celebrations.  Ms. Sieloff will be your “Go To” person that will help flesh out the details of what you envision then marshall resources to make that vision a reality.  Ms. Sieloff is a high energy, kind and sensitive “People Person” that understands the pressures and budgetary considerations on the minds of today’s planners.  Being a long time resident of the area Cynthia is able to recommend local points of interest and attractions to entertain and provide respite prior and following the event if so desired. 

Event planning is a process not a session; more of a series of meetings during which ideas are discussed, considered then adopted or rejected.  It may take several sessions to get the vision on paper depending on the complexity of the event.  Cynthia will lead the planner through the process mindful of budgetary constraints and ever mindful of the time available before all the decisions must be made.  Rest assured that all the points of the event will be documented along with related costs for future reference.  Details are expectations and we at Breakwater Events take them very seriously.

Please give us a call better yet stop by and lets talk about your event.


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